Jasper is a male mule in his mid thirties… In the end of the season of 2010 Jasper was abandoned at night by his owner at the shelter along with his faithful companion Pearl a male donkey around the same age…. Jasper’s back leg was broken and Pearl’s extreme laminitis did not allow them to work any longer. Both animals had the misfortune to be in the hands of one of the worst and notorious owners of the island… Jasper was so used to being abused that he never imagined that humans could offer him nothing more than orders and harsh demands. Pearl’s character was stronger and he would always be there for his friend. The first months in the shelter they would never leave each other’s side their bodies close together they would guard on opposite directions… Till they understood that they were safe and had no reason for not trusting us. When the next season started their owner showed up and demanded that we hand him his animals! We denied and sent him out of the shelter...sadly he still owns many animals that work for him and live the daily nightmare that Pearl and Jasper did. Jasper today is a completely different animal and Pearl is by far one of the most social and famous donkeys of the shelter always there to greet us in the morning and welcome any newcomer human or equine!

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