Lemonia is a female donkey around 15 years old. This is not old for a donkey but in the case of Lemonia these 15 years of her life were full of endless hard work and poor living conditions.... until a hotel purchased Lemonia to use her as a mascot. But just a while later Lemonia fell severely sick… as her lifestyle had changed radically to the best… she was resting more than usual and had access to plenty of food leading to an attack of laminitis that almost took her life. Laminitis is a condition that most of the Santorini donkeys and mules suffer from. It is an outcome of being overworked and not having a proper diet. The bottom bones in the legs start moving inside the hoof causing extreme pain and suffering to the animals. Laminitis is not curable but may be treated with medication and a suitable diet. So Lemonia was not able to work again… Last autumn Lemonia became a resident of the Refuge and befriended other donkeys with the same problem. What characterizes her is her close relationship with the volunteers and the way she confronts her fellow donkeys when they are sick and cannot get up…she never leaves their side! Lemonia greets us in the morning with her unique donkey voice some times to get food but most of the times just to get our attention and earn her a hug!

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