Penelope is a female small size donkey probably over 30 years old. Penelope and her life partner Odysseus used to belong to a family in Emporio that had no use of them anymore as they were very old and could hardly work… SAWA had been trying to get this happy couple into the Donkey Refuge for quite a while now but the family’s grandfather who grew with them was sentimentally attached to the donkeys. Nevertheless they were in immediate need of a proper environment and veterinary care so he finally agreed to “retire” them. Odysseus and Penelope adapted very well to their new home even if they are the shortest members of our large and diverse equine family! They welcomed their winter coats and the care of the volunteers and vets… Penelope is a very frisky girl always curious and surprisingly social… even though she is tiny compared to the other equines she bounces around them like a little goat in order to get the best spot when breakfast is served! Penelope is lucky to have a loyal and gentle partner like Odysseus that is strongly attached to her and never leaves her side. Both of these donkeys will finally enjoy carefree days in good company as they surely do deserve a break after all these endless years of service!

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