Rudolf is a male, middle aged, small size mule with a beautiful long tail. When one morning we found Rudolf tied up outside the Refuge gate we were surprised as besides being a bit underweight he looked fine… in a few days we understood the reason why his owner abandoned him…. Rudolf has limited vision due to cataract and this prohibited him to work at the Bay of Fira. All the equines working in the stairs of the Bay daily carry tourists from the cruise ships up and down the slope cliff of the caldera and many times without the supervision of their owner. So Rudolf could no longer find the way or avoid the obstacles in this long and never-ending treadmill… Rudolf has been with us for over a year and has made good friends with the other animals… He likes playing with the dogs that enter the donkey area with us during feeding time- they run after him and then he chases them back like little goats playing! When the dogs are not interested in playing, Rudolf provokes them by gently pushing them with his muzzle! Rudolf is really enjoying his days of freedom and has put all the hard and harsh memories in the past.


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