Laura is a sterilized, female mix Labrador born in the fall of 2013. Laura and her siblings were born in Kamari, their mother was owned and of course not sterilized. Sadly as soon as summer went by the young owner left the island and not only left his dog behind but also her litter of five pups… Without the crowds of the summer season Kamari is another ghost town and the dangers for the stray dogs are many as the first cause of mortality is poisoning by the locals.. The family was fortunate enough to move to a neighborhood of animal lovers and the pups survived winter and slowly took their own way. Laura in spring entered the shelter with her sister as they had to get sterilized. Today she is a beautiful young lady with a black silky coat and a magnificent personality full of affection for humans and other dogs. Laura is patiently waiting for her turn to go “home” perhaps she is waiting for you…a

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